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Our Team

Everyone knows that a company is only as good as its staff and we strongly believe our team is key to the company’s success.

Our MD David often likens the company to a football team with David the captain and midfield general doing all the shouting.

Stuart and Antony are the strikers, scoring the goals by selling the goods and taking all the plaudits.

Derek, Tim and Doug run the service department and they are the defenders – the unsung heroes – along with Ben, Mick and David's son Daniel, who do a great job in the service department making sure the hire fleet is on the road.

Nathan prepares the sales vehicles for customers and delivers and collects them when needed.

And finally, of course, we have the goalkeeper. Without a goalie the team would fall to pieces, and so here we have Yvonne, David's wife, the company secretary/director along with Gillian who keeps everyone on their toes.

We’re sure you’ll agree DG Taylor is truly a premiership team.

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Satisfying our customers’ requirements is constantly our number one priority and we are always ready with information, advice and solutions to problems that may arise. DG Taylor's experienced sales staff are more than happy to discusss customer requirements regarding bulk tippers, aggregate tippers or walking floor trailers.

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